We’ve got openings on Arq’s team!

Join us

Want to help build a relevant and inclusive brand and platform that helps anyone explore new ways to connect to Jewish wisdom, culture, and community (*ahem* Arq *ahem*)?

Want to learn how to build a business from the ground up, with a focus on content creation and community building?

Want to learn, create, and lead?

We need you!

We’re looking for volunteers from Arq’s community to help us with:

📱 Social Media: incl. scouting content, writing captions, growing our audience
🤝 Collaborations: incl. content and event partnerships and sponsorships
📚 Content Research: incl. sourcing tips for The Ish, finding resources for Arq’s field guides, lining up people to interview
✏️ Writers: incl. editing Arq’s interviews, experimenting with new content formats for Arq

Is there something else you’re awesome at and can help Arq with? Tell us more in your application.

Moment of truth

Did you know that Arq’s team is a team of one?

Arq’s only full-time employee is Danya, Arq’s founder. We’ve worked with a fabulous team of freelancers, consultants, and a summer intern. We get a LOT done, but we’re at capacity, and we need help from our community to grow!

Why now?

We’re super clear on Arq’s potential and we want to fulfill it. You’ve told us what you want, and we want to deliver.

We’re working on expanding our financial capacity by growing our membership, dreaming up and testing new revenue streams, and fundraising, but our current resources are tapped.

We believe deeply in fair compensation. As soon as we can afford to pay you in cash money, we absolutely will. In the meantime, we’ll always give credit where credit is due, include you in Arq’s strategy behind the scenes, and teach you what we know.

If you’re passionate about what Arq is about, we want you.

If you don’t have a creative outlet or get the recognition you know you deserve at work, we can deliver.

How to apply

Please send an email to with the subject line “I want to be an Arq volunteer.”

Include any links that will teach us about you and your skillset (e.g., LinkedIn, creative portfolio, Instagram) and list which areas you want to help with and how.

Thanks a million!

Thank you for visiting Arq!

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