No. 157

RBG Is Alright + Our Field Guide On Loss And Mourning + This Month's New Moon Reading
The Ish

Kislev 5779

New Moon Reading

Loss & Mourning: Part I

Field Guides

No. 156

Voting As A Spiritual Practice + Kosher Bacon + Our Online Gathering For Connection And Support
The Ish

No. 155

The Tree Of Life Synagogue Shooting + The Return Of Mrs. Maisel + Slow Cooker BBQ Brisket
The Ish

Jen & Jason

August 21, 2018

No 154

Israeli Soul Food + Marilyn Monroe's Jewish Prayer Book + A Pop Up Shul
The Ish

No. 153

A Vegan Jewish Deli Pop-Up + When Jews And Arabs Get Hitched + Voting Tips
The Ish

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