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Gift Guide 2017


When you see ❤️🙏🔥 next to a recommendation in this guide, that means it’s a product made by one of the folks we’ve interviewed.

We ❤️ them dearly, are 🙏 that they shared their stories with Arq’s community, and think what they do is simply 🔥.

Also, keep your eye out for special Arq-only 💵 discounts 💵!


(L) ❤️🙏🔥 Yachad Menorah, ANNA, $295 (Use code MENORAH15 for 15% off throughout the website. Valid until December 31.)

(R) Nosh Menorah, Modern Tribe, $200

(L) Cobalt and Gold Painted Ceramic Menorah, Paula Greif, $550

(R) COUNTING Menorah, Avandi, $425 (Use code ARQ40 for 40% off)

(L) Modern Menorah, Ariel Zuckerman, $224.99

(R) Web Menorah, MQuan Studio, $270


(L) Illustrated Menorah, Rifle Paper Co., $4.50

(R) Bright Lights, Parallel Paper, from $8

(L) Hanukkah Greeting Cards 5-Pack, Hebrew Type, $14.95

(R) Dreidel Hauling Hanukkah Card, Etsy, $3.50

(L) Chanukkah Card Pack, Bat Sarah Press, from $7 (Use code ARQHOLIDAYS for free shipping)

(R) Hanukkah Science Nerd Geek Card, Etsy, $6


Holiday Candles, Homesick, $29.95 (Use code ARQ15 for 15% off)

(L) Hanukkah Garland, Etsy, from $7

(R) Hanukkah Wall Hanging, Etsy, $74.92

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