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Gift Guide 2017


Whether you’ve always grimaced at the commercialization of the holiday season or you’re keenly aware of your gifts, both literal and figurative, and want to share your good fortune, the holidays are a perfect opportunity to get and give.

The highest form of giving in Jewish tradition is to help someone become self-sufficient.

👏  back at the hateful people who have demeaned, diminished, and tried to suppress others because of their gender, sexuality, nationality, and race. Lift up those who work to strengthen and empower people who often go unheard and underserved.

The Civil Conversations Project and The People’s Supper both help to bridge the post-election divide and create communities that make people feel whole.


Lingua Franca‘s hand embroidered “mama” sweaters benefit Every Mother Counts’ mission to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

Otherwild‘s tees support grassroots and national social justice and health care organizations, with a focus on issues of gender and sexuality.

KIND protects children’s rights and safety before, during, and after migration.

CHIRLA embraces and drives social change for immigrants and refugees.

All proceeds from the sale of Julia Turshen’s Feed the Resistance cookbook go to the ACLU.

Watsi is building technology to finance healthcare for everyone.

Holstee‘s subscription, which helps you live more fully and mindfully, is a gift worth giving. If we want to help others thrive, we need to nourish our own spirits.

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