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High Holidays 5779

The Crowdsourced List

Enjoy our picks and your fellow Arq community member recs of the most relevant and inclusive Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur experiences.

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Helpful Resources

10Q ( Website )

10Q emails you a question a day for 10 days. Afterwards, you send your answers to the secure online vault. One year later, your answers are unlocked and returned and the process begins anew.

At The Well ( Website )

A guide to the month of Tishrei, the holiest month in the Hebrew year

Bat Sarah Press ( Website )

A journal companion for the High Holidays, intended to be used at this particular moment of resetting our intentions

Chai & Home ( Website )

Designer Jewish calendars for 5779

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation ( Website )

Everything you need to host a Rosh Hashanah seder

Jewish Food Hero ( Website )

Seven ways to add more mindfulness to the Jewish holidays

Ritualwell ( Website )

Teshuvah Cards offer an intentional space for reflection, prayer, and personal expression


Marcus Jewish Community Center ( Website )

A sweet, family-friendly Rosh Hashanah celebration in the garden


Kehilat Kolenu ( Website )

A meaningful, spiritual, and musical service, combining humanistic values with a deep cultural understanding of Jewish heritage and tradition

Spiritgrow Josef Kryss Centre ( Website )

Excite, inform, and spiritually energize, or contemplate, introspect, and deepen


Asiyah ( Website )

Connect with the energy of new beginnings in a musical, soulful, chant-based service

Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band ( Website )

A Rosh Hashanah Klezmer dance party ??


Mishkan ( Website )

Leverage the spiritual power of community to recreate ourselves and recreate the world


Fairmount Young Professionals ( Website )

Food, cider, friends, prayer, hayrides, bonfire

Jewish Secular Community ( Website )

Non-theistic, humanistic personal reflections and meditation

jHUB ( Website )

A no-cost way for interfaith couples and families to explore, discover, and personalize the meaning of Jewish culture and values in the modern world

Suburban Temple Kol Ami ( Website )

Our Jewish Journeys: a Yom Kippur panel of speakers share their personal experiences

Los Angeles

Cool Shul ( Website )

Gather in Temescal Canyon for family friendly, extremely musical, short and sweet services surrounded by nature

Hama'alot ( Website )

A rhythmic, intimate, soulful, spiritual, and dynamic creative service

Ikar ( Website )

Reflect deeply, dream boldly, and discover a renewed sense of wonder and purpose

Leo Baeck Temple ( Website )

Deeply examine our actions during the past year, seek and offer forgiveness, and commit ourselves to change in the coming year

Metivta ( Website )

Inclusive services with an eclectic and rich mix
of prayer, contemplation, chant, teaching, movement, and silence

Nashuva ( Website )

Soulful prayer, transcendent music, and inspirational insights

Open Temple ( Website )

A High Holiday ritual lab, from a schvitz to a flash mob

Pico Union Project ( Website )

Reach for the highest heights in this joyous, meditative, songful, earnest, powerful, and prayerful observance

Silverlake Independent JCC ( Website )

Enriching, soulful experiences that blend art, music, and spirituality

Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills with Ryan Weiss ( Website )

Join meditation teacher Ryan Weiss and one of Israel’s most talented cellists and singers Hadas Kleinman for a contemplative Yom Kippur experience

The Laugh Factory ( Website )

Free High Holiday services, all are welcome to come and pray


The Tribe ( Website )

90 minutes of Jewish prayer and commentary infused with references from the contemporary world. Enter alone, exit with a profound sense of community and belonging

New York City

Base BKLYN ( Website )

Reflect, pray, learn, meditate, and hear the shofar

Because Jewish ( Website )

Rosh Hashanah services at Brooklyn Bowl, a sanctuary, clubhouse, church, and synagogue

Beloved Brooklyn ( Website )

Gatherings, meals, and meditations to support your spiritual lives during this moment for growth and transition in the Jewish calendar

CBST (Congregation Beit Simchat Torah) ( Website )

Observe the High Holidays with the world’s largest LGBT synagogue, a vibrant spiritual community and a progressive voice within Judaism

City Congregation ( Website )

Music and contemplation that expresses traditional themes while honoring human reason and human dignity

FED House ( Website )

Egalitarian, out-of-the-box, and spiritual experiences

Lab/Shul ( Website )

Return to center, recharge soul, and unleash the best within us for a better year for all through remixes of traditional liturgies and rituals with original God-optional translations, live musical meditations, interactive storytelling, multifaith ceremonies, public talks, and festive meals

Malkhut ( Website )

No tickets required to join this scrappy progressive Jewish spiritual community taking root in an old Jewish section of Queens for contemplative, soulful, musical, accessible High Holidays

The Kabbalah Centre ( Website )

Free guided meditation, consciousness lectures, Torah readings, dinners, and more

The New Shul ( Website )

Wisdom, music, and meditations, plus a conversation with an imam


BZBI ( Website )

Celebrate Rosh Hashanah with spirited music and a family-friendly service in Rittenhouse Square

Folkshul ( Website )

Observe the High Holidays with a secular humanist community focused on nourishing a strong sense of Jewish identity and justice

Fringes & Tikkun Olam Chavurah ( Website )

Fringes, a feminist, non-Zionist havurah which uses poetry, song, and themes derived from the natural world to structure their services, and Tikkun Olam Chavurah, a spiritual and political community grounded in Jewish values which focuses on interfaith work to support social justice, are co-creating a High Holidays experience with new and traditional liturgies, music, singing, study, and story

Kol Tzedek ( Website )

Singing, spiritual nourishment, politically charged, meaningful member participation, potluck meals, meditation, and a warm welcome to all, especially the LGBT community

San Francisco

The Kitchen ( Website )

Anyone can attend, simple is good, wearing white makes a statement, original machzor 2.0

Urban Adamah ( Website )

Chanting, meditation, dancing, and more

Wilderness Torah ( Website )

Gather in community on a farm for a journey of celebration, cleansing, reflection, releasing, and intention-setting for the coming year


Congregation B'nai Emunah ( Website )

No tickets required to rejoice and renew with a diverse community of people who approach their Judaism in radically different ways

Washington, DC

2239 ( Website )

An opportunity for Jewish adults between the ages of 22 and 39 to meet one another and deepen their Jewish identity

Ed Lavitch JCC ( Website )

The Unkosher Stand-Up Comedy Tour: the best young (Jew-ish) comedians in DC share their hilarious transgressions just in time for Yom Kippur

New Synagogue Project ( Website )

Join a spiritually vibrant and radically inclusive community whose inaugural High Holidays experiences reflect their vision for a world of justice, equity, and liberation, including a Jews of Color dinner and Yom Kippur yoga

NOVA Tribe Series ( Website )

Dancing in September: a Rosh Hashanah party with sweet apple sangria and dance floor beats throughout the night

Sixth & I ( Website )

Listen to the shofar, stand with each other, commit to change in the year ahead, begin again, awaken to your fullest potential (livestreaming available!)

The Jewish Mindfulness Center of Washington @ Adas ( Website )

Unpack and build upon the essential Days of Awe texts and prayers that prepare us to bring our full selves to Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur and heighten your spiritual experience with mindful programs

Special thanks to our summer intern, Rebecca Rosenberg, for the thorough research she did to get this guide off the ground!

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