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(L) Tel Aviv Framed Art Print, Jessica Tamar Deutsch, $55.99

(R) Good Morning and Good Night Time Routine Print, Bat Sarah Press, $20

(L) Jerry Seinfeld Print, Celebs on Sandwiches, $21

(R) Genetic Resilience Print, Molly Costello, $35

(L) RBG – Outlaw! Painting, Ashley Longshore, Contact artist to purchase

(R) Things I Love About Being Jewish Print, Tyler Feder, $15+

(L) Hamsa Hand Mural Art Print, Claire Jakstas, $22.99+

(R) Pirkei Avos Quote Print, Grace D. Chin, $15

(L) Hamsa Wall Hanging, Yahalomis, $46.80

(R) 5779 Hebrew Calendar, At The Well, $36

(L) Hamsa Amulet Magnet, Shalom PDX, $10

(R) Eye Dish, Pauline Wolstencroft, $45

(L) Towel, Queer Mikveh Project, $90

(R) Moon Angels / Malakh Halevanah Deck, Rebekah Erev Studio, $45

(L) Citrus Blossom Soap Bar, Arik Weiss, $16

(R) El Jardin – Oro Challah Cover, Ahyin by Micaela Ezra, $450

Curation support from Holly Smith and Maya Sungold

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