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Gift Guide 2018


(L) Puebla Marble Menorah Set, The Citizenry, $275

(R) Menorah!, Ben Medansky, $220

(L) Clear Menorah Mini, Pottery Barn, $23

(R) Menorah CNUKA TRIO, Tomer Nachshon, $359

(L) Logifaces Miracle Edition Basalt, Logideez, $59

(R) Natural Solid Beeswax Hanukkah Candles, The Jewish Museum, $16

(L) My First Hannukah Menorah, Schmetterling, $35

(R) Mini Box: Hanukkah Activities for Kids, The Idea Box Kids, $10.99

(L) Hanukkah Greeting Card, Wait But Why, $10

(R) Periodic Table of the Elements Card, The Bird and the Beard, $5+

(L) Challah-la-la-la Holiday Card, CHALKSCRIBE, $5

(R) Southwest Saguaro Cactus Menorah Hanukkah Card, Zinnia Sky Studio, $4

(L) Drake Hanukkah Card, Salty Day Prints, $4

(R) Latke Hanukkah Card, Pumpkin and Honey Bunny, $5

(L) Minimal Modern Hanukkah Card, Kingsley Paper, $4.50

(R) Jeff Goldblum Hanukkah Card, Beygood Co., $3.89

(L) Hanukkah Card with Artwork by Elaine Lustig Cohen, The Jewish Museum, $4

(R) Hanukkah Card: Oh Sufganiyah, The Jewish Museum, $5

(L) Hannukah Menorah Greeting Card, Morris and Essex, $4.50

(R) Holidays in Space: The Menorah Ship, Alternate Histories, $4

(L) Hamsa Beaded Ornament, Anthropologie, $18

(R) Cactus Dreidel, Tchotch, $5

(L) Menorah Table Topper, Wolfum, $42

(R) Hanukkah Felt Ball Garland, Gracie and Marie, $12+

(L) Hanukkah Sticker Sheets, Chai and Home, $15

(R) Happy Hanukkah Letter Balloons, Glitter Balloons, $13.60+

(L) Modern Hanukkah Wrapping Paper, MELLOWWORKS, $11+

(R) Hanukkah Wrap, Love and Lion, $8

Curation support from Carolyn Frischer and Holly Smith

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