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Gift Guide 2017


When you see ❤️?? next to a recommendation in this guide, that means it’s a product made by one of the folks we’ve interviewed.

We ❤️ them dearly, are ? that they shared their stories with Arq’s community, and think what they do is simply ?.

Also, keep your eye out for special Arq-only ? discounts ?!

(L) Adam & Eve Tank, Holyland Civilians, $92.45

(R) Peace Natives Snap Back Black, Shalom Clothing, $32

(L) Be Light Earrings, Kanarek Jewelry, from $335

(R) Silver Radiant Eye Stud, MQuan, $100

(L) ❤️?? Winter Fire Scarf, Late Sunday Afternoon, $160 (Use code ARQ35 for 35% off)

(R) ❤️?? White with Crystals from Swarovski®, Hickies, $60 (Use code ARQ20 for 20% off)

(L) Diamond Evil Eye Ring Yellow Gold, J. Luu, $800

(R) Shalom Earrings, Hushed Commotion, $95 (Use code ARQ10 for 10% off. Valid through Dec. 17.)

(L) ❤️?? Sandra Scarf, Tabii Just, $40

(R) Blue Jew-ish Sweatshirt, Zero Waste Daniel, $98

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