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Becoming a Parent: Product Guide


In our three-part guide to becoming a parent, we help you – or your loved ones! – honor and deepen the meaning of this new, profound stage of life.

This bonus guide offers recommendations of ritual objects, resources, and other products that you can use or gift along the journey to becoming a parent.

Owning Your Journey

The first part of our guide to becoming a parent is about welcoming change, owning your journey, and finding the supportive community and rituals that will sustain you along the way.

These objects will help you create sacred space, set intentions, understand your cycle and/or genetics, eat like your ancestors, and provide you with talismans of luck and fertility.

(L) Candle (Ivory), Le Feu de L’Eau, $62.00

(R) Wool-Filled Meditation Cushions, HomeOfWool, $63.00+

(L) Cell Phone Sleeping Bag, Linda Fulghum, $16.00+

(R) Rustic Leather Travel Journal, Connected Fair Trade, $38.00

(L) Intention Cards, Decoylab, $22.00

(R) Jewish Soul Food, Janna Gur, $25.99

(L) Wrestling With Menstruation, At The Well, $15.00

(R) Fertility Awareness App, Kindara, Free

(L) Tough Tomato Red Olio Lusso Luxury Lipstick, Rodin, $28.99

(R) The Day Heel, Everlane, $150

(L) Kimono Robe Dressing Gown, SusannahCotton, $75.02

(R) Red String Bracelet, ShanshanLiJewelry, $16.33+

Expecting Your Baby's Arrival

The second chapter of our guide to becoming a parent helps you navigate the very special, and sometimes nerve-wracking, period of time when you are expecting the arrival of your child.

You may choose to practice Aleph-Bet Yoga, interpret your dreams, eat etrog jam, or honor your sexual energy. You may also be mourning a loss, and some of the objects below can accompany you through that experience.

(L) Aleph-Bet Yoga, Steven A. Rapp, $16.99

(R) Yoga Mat, Gaiam, $14.87+

(L) Neon Hamsa Muscle Tank, Spiritual Gangster, $48.00

(R) Dream Interpretation from Classical Jewish Sources, Rabbi Shelomo Almoli, $24.40

(L) Citron Jam, lemonbird, $12.00

(R) Sex Coaching, Myisha Battle (a contributor to our 3-part guide to becoming a parent!)

(L) Modern Loss, Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner, $16.50

(R) Empty Arms, Full Heart Print, Jessica Zucker, Ph.D., Free Download

Baby's Arrival & Early Parenthood

The third and final section of our guide to becoming a parent focuses on your baby’s arrival and early parenthood.

The products in this section support the joy and tenderness of this transformative experience.

(L) Colorful Field in Emek Izrael with Psalm 118:5, BibleVersesImages, $74.87

(R) Shema T-Shirt, milkandpunny, $20.00

(L) Shema Hamsa Pendant, ShemaOr, $165.00

(R) Ram’s Horn Shofar, Yaliland, $18.83

(L) Kabbalah and Astrology, Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, $26.00

(R) Zodiac Baby: An Astrological Guide to Your Little Star, Sarah Bartlett, $18.95

(L) My First Shabbat Board Book, DK, $2.67+

(R) Pulkes Onesie, ChaiTideApparel, $21.00

(L) Orbit Candlesticks, Lindey Adelman, $488.00

(R) Natural Beeswax Havdallah Candle, The Jewish Museum, $6.00

(L) Caftan, Storq, $155

(R) Plant-Based Meal Delivery, Purple Carrot, $72/week and up

(L) Silk Tallit, Talled di Seta, $850.00

(R) The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Vol. 1, Daniel C. Matt, $40.77

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