For couples trying to figure out how they're "Jew" and how they're "ish"

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January Couples Salon

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Hosted in a private venue

How do you handle Jewish parents who faint at the site of a Christmas tree? Is it possible to build a diverse group of friends and maintain a close connection to the Jewish community? Our kid is unborn / only 2 years old / not even capable of sticking with one YouTube video for more than 10 minutes, but should we let him or her decide what religion he or she wants to adopt?

Our Couples Salons are intimate dinners for couples with partners from different religious backgrounds who are exploring ways to incorporate Jewish culture and community into their lives on their own terms. We’ll feed you delish food & drinks, facilitate a casual and open conversation about this topic, and provide an opportunity for you to connect with likeminded peers.

We co-host this event with Honeymoon Israel, which provides inclusive, exciting, romantic, and memorable (and highly subsidized) trips to Israel for newly committed couples with at least one Jewish partner.

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