Sivan 5777

New Moon Reading

In the longstanding tradition of mystical Jews and lifestyle publications, we bring you New Moon Readings. They aren’t fortune telling or magic, and they’re not about luck or a mysterious power. They draw upon on the wise monthly themes of the Hebrew calendar, the influence of the solar system on our daily lives, and, sometimes, totally pagan prognostication tools (tarot!) to guide us.

The month of Sivan holds the holiday of Shavuot, which celebrates the Torah being given to the Jews by God. The exchange of the Torah is like an oath of devotion made between God and the Jewish people. Each Shavuot, the Jewish people renew the receiving of this most sacred text.

This devotion and renewed sense of commitment, optimism, and movement forward in our individual paths is reflected strongly in this month’s tarot spread.

Base: Five of Wands
Energies: Knight of Pentacles, Communication
Lesson: Moth, Omen of Death
Medicine: Four of Stones

We are surrounded by a ton of energy and movement right now, and, yes, even conflict! This movement and energy is propelling us quickly towards our goals. It is breaking down what doesn’t work, and bringing things to the surface that need to be revealed. It’s all happening quite quickly! There is no time to waste. It is time to tell the world what we want. We are committed and moving forward strongly towards the completion and achievement of our goals.

The lesson here is to not be afraid of the changes that are coming our way. We are moving into a new phase, visibly represented by the transition from spring to summer. We are quickly shedding and leaving behind what we don’t need and being offered a new path. We only need to be open to it all.

However rapidly you process these changes, you must stay grounded in your devotion to what you want. Just because things are happening quickly doesn’t mean you throw all process out the window. Continue the great work you have been doing, continue to lay the groundwork for the life you want – this month will give you a big burst of energy and change that simply shows you that you are moving in the right direction.

By Lauren Cucinotta, a Brooklyn-based intuitive Tarot card reader and energy healer. As the child of non-practicing Catholics and a Jewish stepdad, Lauren jokes that she was the biggest shiksa in Hebrew School. Her readings gently reveal the hidden truths of surrounding energies so that you can gain clarity and take action.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lauren here and follow her on Instagram.

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