Farewell, Arq


Thank you for learning, living, and doing more Jew-ish with us

Big news: this is the very last post we’ll publish on Arq.

The website will stay up, but we’re winding down this wonderful, fulfilling, mind- and soul-expanding experiment.

I launched Arq 3 years ago with the goal of making Jewish life and culture universally accessible, and I’m so proud of the impact Arq has made.

Every beautiful gathering we hosted, actionable piece of content we published, and nod of recognition we received was a win. But, what makes me the most happy is knowing that Arq has helped many of you understand your complicated relationship to Judaism just a little bit more, and that Arq feels like a community where you can explore yourselves and deepen your connection to others who are doing the same. I’m so pleased that our transparent, warm, nonjudgmental tone allowed people of all backgrounds to feel welcome here.

Another goal of mine was to build a self-sustaining, independent organization.

Over the years, I explored various revenue streams, including advertising and sponsorship, events, e-commerce, consulting, and paid membership. Some didn’t work at all, while others showed promise, but not enough. To grow Arq’s community at a pace and scale advertisers and sponsors would require meant jeopardizing its engagement. I believe Arq’s in-depth, earnest content is one of the unique things that sets us apart, and I didn’t want to create clickbait-y or constant content as a means to growth. Inclusivity is one of Arq’s deepest core values, so building a local events model that would exclude large chunks of our community didn’t feel right.

I only want to serve the people whom Arq was created for – you – and no other interests.

While Arq’s current costs are nearly covered by our membership program and consulting services, we’d have to fundraise to achieve the next grand phase of my vision for all Arq can accomplish, and that’s not the best fit for Arq or for me.

While I’m certain that moving on is the right thing to do, I’m feeling a strong dose of saudade, a mix of sadness for missing and happiness for experiencing the past.

I’ve loved building something from nothing; curating, editing, and writing; creating meaningful and memorable experiences; collaborating with artists, photographers, writers, and gatherers; listening to your stories and shining a light on some of them through our interviews; building a team of devoted volunteers and advisors; and so much more. I deeply value the personal journey I’ve traveled, exploring my own role as a spiritual leader and my desire to help people connect with themselves and each other using ancient rituals and traditions.

I’m filled with gratitude and pride, as well as concern that I’m letting you down. I’m soothed by the fact that the moments of connection and inspiration that we’ve co-created will remain.

I’ll miss Arq, I’ll miss you, and I hope you’ll stay in touch.

What do you do now? There are so many creative, relevant, wonderful Jew-ish resources out there, from indie magazines to jewelry designers and community gatherers! We’ve collaborated with them over the years, featured them in The Ish, and highlighted and followed them on social media. If you’re looking for something to replace the Arq-shaped hole in your heart, I encourage you to explore our archives!



Founder, Arq

Thumbnail photo by Bethany Birnie

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