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Passover 5778

The Crowdsourced List

We asked, you answered! Enjoy your fellow Arqies’ recommendations of the most relevant and inclusive Passover experiences, from fully facilitated seders to BYOH (Bring Your Own Haggadah) four-course meals.

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An Immersion Ceremony

In preparation for Passover, try this original intention-setting and immersion ceremony by Mayyim Hayyim, a community mikveh

Host a 7th or 8th Night Seder That Celebrates Women

Honor the female heroes in the Passover story

Seder in a Zip

Everything you need to know, do, buy and prep for your own liberating Passover seder experience

Los Angeles

Holistic Jew

Drink four cups, sing, dance, experience an abundance of spring greens from the Holistic Jew garden, meet friends, vision an optimal reality, and cultivate new insights at this kosher Passover seder


A reimagined citywide Passover festival with a diverse variety of offerings. The theme this year? Order In Disorder.

Open Temple

A freedom seder crawl through Venice


A community seder with echoes of tradition and a unique twist


The Wynwood Yard

Imbibe the four cups of wine, search for the hidden afikomen, and discuss Passover’s social justice themes at a four-course seder

New York City


A delicious Passover menu accompanied by wine, live music, and more


Join a home-based, open-hearted Jewish community for a welcoming Passover seder (get in touch using the contact form on their website and say Arq sent you!)

Bouley Test Kitchen

A biodynamic Passover celebration of freedom and liberation

Jews For Racial & Economic Justice

An alternative, political, interactive, and Sephardi/Mizrahi-centric potluck seder

Katz's Deli (in partnership with Saviv)

Saviv, a community for Jewish exploration and expression, hosts its 6th annual seder at this classic Jewish deli

Rosa Mexicano

Traditional Passover dishes meet Mexican flavors


Abe Fisher

Enjoy a prix-fixe Passover menu with pastrami onion jam, house-made matzo, and soy duck matzo ball soup

Hungry Pigeon

Sit down for a seder dinner with hot smoked salmon on black pepper matzo and flourless chocolate cake with charoset ice cream

San Francisco


Celebrate Passover with a special menu, including Chilled Smoked White Fish Spread with Chive, Matzoh, and Haroset


Jalapeño Matzo Balls and Beef Brisket in Adobo: Comal’s 6th annual Mexican-inspired Passover seders sans haggadot

The Kitchen

Join a seder in the private home of a community member of The Kitchen and end your holiday out in the woods


A special four-course menu inspired by guest Chef Goldstein’s vibrant collection of Jewish-Italian recipes from her cookbook, Cucina Ebraica, and her latest book, The New Mediterranean Jewish Table

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