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Rest & Reconnect

This and every Shabbat, be joyous, restful, focused, rebooted, and happy.


Before you completely disconnect, let FRIDAY open the door to slowing down, reflection, and connection.

Then, remove distractions on your phone with Flipd or Digital Detach.

Get your phone out of your room and use this very effective and very good-looking alarm clock instead.

Since you’re used to waking up and looking at your phone, start a new Shabbat morning routine. Try the simplest thing and start your day happy with The Five Minute Journal.


If you really can’t let go of your cell, then at least use it to meditate.

Or, go old school and calm down the natural way.

New Yorkers: Meditate at Elena Brower’s #SacredSaturday workshops or soak up the restorative steam at Aire or Soho Sanctuary.


Expand your curious mind with websites like Brain Pickings, 99U, TED, YouTube EDU, Quora, or University of Reddit.

Hop on this beautiful bike, the brainchild of the Design Within Reach founder, and cruise along the best ride in your state.

Be a true adventurer and join The Explorer’s Club.

New Yorkers: Let nature do the trick with 28 acres of public gardens at Wave Hill, bring a book or a friend to a hidden oasis, or be transported to another place and time in the zen Reading Room in the Japanese Gallery at The Met.


Sweat out your stress from the cozy, non-judgy comfort of your own home.

New Yorkers: Loosen up with free, drop-in workouts thanks to Shape Up NYC or hop in a no-charge kayak or canoe and paddle away.


Find inspiration in uncommon places.

Coax your creativity with a playlist that glides from melodic electronica to dreamy synth-pop.

New Yorkers: Enjoy rock, jazz, R&B, world, pop, and other music gratis at BAMcafe Live on Friday nights or head to The Jewish Museum, which offers art at no charge on Shabbat.


Forget the hype, bone broth is simply nutritious and comforting.

Or, if you take things a little too far, try the yoga practice for the overnourished.

New Yorkers: Calm down with a cup of matcha at green tea pop-up MA MATCHA, treat yo’ self with Fine & Raw’s therapeutic chocolate, or try this “kitchen away from home.”


Give yourself a good dance party with these tunes, picked by some of the best DJs out there.

Honor others with a simple “thank you” and get some karmic relief.

New Yorkers: Kiss the Shabbos Queen goodbye at Mister Saturday Night’s community-oriented dance parties.

Photo by Tim Gibson.

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