Elul 5777

New Moon Reading

In the longstanding tradition of mystical Jews and lifestyle publications, we bring you New Moon Readings. They aren’t fortune telling or magic, and they’re not about luck or a mysterious power. They draw upon on the wise monthly themes of the Hebrew calendar, the influence of the solar system on our daily lives, and, sometimes, totally pagan prognostication tools (tarot!) to guide us.

We enter the last month of the Jewish calendar, Elul, on a beautiful new moon Solar Eclipse, a powerful astrological event that clears space for new energy.

In Judaism, this is the month of preparation for the upcoming High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Take stock of your deeds and contemplate them.

This history goes beautifully with the tarot energy spread for this month, which is asking us to let go and to learn from our mistakes, but also to move forward.

We must surrender to all that is. What is done is done, and the future is not yet written. We are in a bit of a liminal space right now, and we must simply be OK with existing exactly where we are. Change will come more quickly than we know.

The energies of Abundance and Waning Crescent are asking: what door must you close to truly step into your power? What is still keeping you from your birthright: which is the power to be all that you are.

You are sacred. You are special. You deserve all of the magic that comes your way.

Accept the gifts the world is offering you.

The lesson in this last month is of the Lynx. He is telling you that you have the power and resolve to take these last few steps towards whatever it is you desire. Stand your ground. Protect yourself and persevere. Remember to maintain healthy personal boundaries. You have learned what you will accept and what you will not.

The medicine here is of The Devil. It is here to remind you that you are not chained.

What chains you is your own mind.

It is time to finally free yourself from anything that tries to oppress you. Let go of the memory of your own personal failures. You must live and move forward.

By Lauren Cucinotta, a Brooklyn-based intuitive Tarot card reader and energy healer. As the child of non-practicing Catholics and a Jewish stepdad, Lauren jokes that she was the biggest shiksa in Hebrew School. Her readings gently reveal the hidden truths of surrounding energies so that you can gain clarity and take action.

Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lauren here and follow her on Instagram.

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