Nisan 5777

New Moon Reading

In the longstanding tradition of mystical Jews and lifestyle publications, we bring you New Moon Readings. They aren’t fortune telling or magic, and they’re not about luck or a mysterious power. They draw upon on the wise monthly themes of the Hebrew calendar, the influence of the solar system on our daily lives, and, sometimes, totally pagan prognostication tools (tarot!) to guide us.

Nisan is the first month of the Jewish calendar and it coincides with the first sign of the astrological calendar – the change from the last sign of Pisces back to the beginning of the wheel to the first sign of Aries. This month is about change and new beginnings. In the Torah, Nisan is referred to as “the month of Spring”.

Nisan is also the month of the holiday of Passover, which celebrates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. It is the ultimate freedom from what has held us back and movement into self-mastery by cleaning the slate of these barriers.

This month is a time to remember miracles and the power of pure belief. Some aspects of the Passover story seem almost too fantastical to believe: the plagues that killed the Egyptian firstborn, the unleavened bread that became matzah, the parting of the Red Sea that saved the Israelites and killed their oppressors, and survival in the desert for 40 years. The story of Passover teaches us to believe in miracles, even when we are at the end of our rope, even when we least expect they can occur.

I’ve pulled a few cards from three decks – Cosmic Tarot, Medicine Woman Tarot, and Spirit Speak Oracle Tarot – and here’s what came through:


We are at the beginning. The magic of Spring is that it awakens something within us. We feel the first stirrings of new life, and a sudden desire for full expression.

We are moving through huge changes, but they are changes for the better. This month is about revealing ourselves, revealing our truth, coming to the surface in the way that those first crocus flowers of spring pop up suddenly from the cold ground. We are ready to reveal ourselves and to be seen.

The struggle is over, and we take peace in knowing that we have met our challenge head on, and we are starting fresh.

Now is the time to truly let go of the hardships we may have felt and the hard lessons that these last months have given us. The lessons have been integrated, the struggle is released; we look toward the horizon standing on new ground. We can’t quite see what is over that next mountaintop, but a part of us knows and believes it can only be good and better.

Stand in the sun and let its bright light wash over you, enjoy that moment of pure bliss where you are feeling where you are, that you have arrived.

Allow yourself to be moved and made whole by this renewed burst of energy that we are experiencing. Sit for a moment, feel yourself, and finally realize that you are whole.

This is only the beginning.

(Base: Princess of Wands, Energies: Truth, Change, Medicine: 6 of Arrows, 7 of Cups)

By Lauren Cucinotta, a Brooklyn-based intuitive Tarot card reader and energy healer. As the child of non-practicing Catholics and a Jewish stepdad, Lauren jokes that she was the biggest shiksa in Hebrew School. Her readings gently reveal the hidden truths of surrounding energies so that you can gain clarity and take action.

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