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High Holidays 5778

The Crowdsourced List

We asked, you answered! Enjoy your fellow Arqies’ recommendations of the most relevant and inclusive Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur experiences.

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The Rosh Haggadah and Yom Kippur Cheat Sheet

Including a personal roadmap for soul searching and a cheat sheet to help you focus on the promise of a clean slate instead of your hunger pains

High Holidays @ Home

Livestream services and an online community for discussion and reflection


Nehar Shalom

Intimate, organically growing, diverse, socially conscious

Workmen's Circle Center for Jewish Culture & Social Justice

Secular, readings, reflection, and singing

Buenos Aires

Lamroth Hakol

Talks, community service events, art, and other ways in

Fundacion Pardes

Respect yesterday, commit to the future, and do it ethically and spiritually



Reclaiming Judaism’s inspiration and transformative essence, not bound by a particular location


Hazon at Camp Isabella Freedman

Berkshire Mountains. Yoga, meditation, farm-to-table meals, goats, pickles


Adas Israel

A sacred blend of tradition & innovation


Reflect on your relationships – to yourself, to others, and to your Judaism – with Michelle Obama’s chief speechwriter

Sixth & I

A-la-carte alternative experiences, from an express, 1-hour service for busy bees to a field trip and space for contemplation

Los Angeles

East Side Jews



Reflect deeply, dream boldly, and discover a renewed sense of wonder and purpose

New York City

Base Hillel

Singing, dancing, learning, crying, inspiration, service, and everything in between

Because Jewish

As moving as music, as uplifting as art, as unsettling as literature, as rich as ritual, as comforting as community, as compelling as good conversation


Everybody friendly, artist-driven, God-optional, experimental


Elevates and transforms individuals and communities into more compassionate human beings


A Yom Kippur afternoon and evening of spiritual restoration and communal vibes, followed by a superfoods autumn menu to break the fast

San Francisco

The Kitchen

High(er) Holidays

Tel Aviv

Beit Tefilah Israeli

A musical, egalitarian, progressive community with musical performances, theater, lectures, prayers, and the world’s largest sukkah

The Israeli LGBT Center

A joyous, proud, and open atmosphere and a united community

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