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Gift Guide 2018

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(L) Middle Eastern Smiley T-shirt, Majnuna Design, $22.20

(R) Muktze T-Shirt, Nargassi, $40

(L) Chai Maintenance T-Shirt, Built by Wendy, $45

(R) Latkes Tee, Katie Kimmel, $25

(L) We Will Outlive Them Patch, Tsibele, $18

(R) Sew On Bagel and Lox Patch, The Jewish Museum, $10

(L) Celestial Slippers, Soludos, $75

(R) Naomi Evil Eye with Lashes Stud, Ariel Tidhar, $45

(L) May It Be Necklace, Kanarek, $875

(R) Protect Your Neck Choker, Susan Alexandra, $85

(L) Hamsa Necklace, Merkabah, $200

(R) Diamond Mini Hamsa Necklace, Jennifer Meyer, $350

(L) Star of David Pendant, Elsa Peretti, $175

(R) I Am Here Ring, Zahava, $550

Curation support from Carolyn Frischer and Maya Sungold

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