Arabic Electro Binge Hip Hop Playlist

By DJ Ramzy Al Spinoza

Inspired by selichot, ancient introspective prayers for forgiveness recited on fast days and leading up to the High Holidays, DJ Ramzy Al Spinoza created this “Arabic electro bing hip hop” playlist just for Arq.

Ram grew up in Jerusalem, right next to Mahane Yehuda market, which motivated him to create art and entertainment that would build bridges. His most significant current project is MONOLINGUA, a series of cultural events composed of contemporary Arabic electronic music in which he hosts Arab and Jewish DJs and rappers.

When we asked Ram to create an original set for Arq to kick off 5779, Israel had just passed its new nationality law and downgraded Arabic to a non-official language, so he suggested a playlist inspired by the Arabic language that would honor all of the Arabs living in Israel – Druze, Bedouin, Jewish – including those from his own family.

Enjoy the music in the spirit of unity and making amends.

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